No More Room in Hell the dead walk the Earth

The theme of “the living dead” or zombies devoted to the many films, books and computer games. Another horror story is the game “No More Room in Hell”. In my opinion, the story of this game you need to start with a detailed analysis of its name. The phrase “No More Room in Hell” is an integral part of the phrase “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth”, which literally translates as: “When dead is not enough space in hell, they begin to walk on Earth.”


On Earth dominated by a terrible virus, which the man dies a quick but very painful death, and a few seconds later turns into scary zombies, only a desire to eat living flesh. The government is exploring the virus, but dealing with it still does not work. The number of “living dead” is increasing exponentially.

The task of your hero – teaming up with other survivors to try to escape from this hell, where human life is not worth literally nothing.

The game is a bit like Killing Floor and Left 4 Dead. The peculiarity of this game is that weapons and ammo are very limited. This adds to the realism of the gameplay, makes it more interesting.

The secrets of passing

A rather unpleasant surprise for many will be that on the screen there is no indicator of life, as well as quantities of ammunition. But it is available if you hold down the R button (it is responsible for reloading weapons).

When infected you need to immediately click on “tools” and then choose “paint”. To hold the zombies off as they try to enter the building, install a Board in the window and door openings. Of course, this is a temporary measure – so you have to shoot, preferably in the head. Thus, undead can be killed with one shot. To kill a dead man hit in another part of the body, you need at least 2-3 shots. While playing, remember that ammo is limited. Make a mistake – and you will become a zombie.

Of course, in addition to firearms, you can use all that comes handy. Fight for your life with axes, hammers, pipes, bats and knives. One of the most effective are machetes and axes. But then you need to get in the head of the enemy.

Very often in the game is that zombies surround you from all sides. In this case, it may be advisable to press the button V so you will repel the dead, and then they can be beat all that you have.

Installing No More Room in Hell on Ubuntu

The game is free to install through Steam.


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