Nikki and The Robots pixel platformer

He released an alpha version of the new pixel platformer Nikki and the Robots (Nikki and the robots). Despite the fact that it is only alpha version it’s safe to say that this is a powerful time killer.

In the game you need to control the woman in the cat suit, which can only something to run and jump, and even operating robots. Actually this run ends. The arrows you control the direction of movement Nikki (or robots), the Control key you jump, the Shift key you can switch to control of a robot approaching a special control.

On motion Nikki needs to collect batteries, energy which then used for robot control. The goal of one level press all of the switches, a sort of puzzle.

Didak of the game and the editor is free, as well as the levels drawn by the community of fans of the game, but the levels apparently will be sold.

The official trailer for the game:

Nikki and the Robots — Concept Trailer from Joyride Laboratories on Vimeo.

You can download the game here:

Select your Linux version (32 bit or 64 bit) and download the archive.

Then unzip it in your home directory, or any convenient folder.

To run, double-run the file by double-clicking.

For information about the game thanks to the website:


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