PacVim — fun Ncurses (Curses) console game inspired by the classic game Pac-Man, which will help in the form of a game to study in detail the commands of Vim (expandable, modal, the console text editor with full freedom of configuration and automation).

Pac-Man — a computer game in the genre of arcade games that was first released in 1979 , the year in Japan. At that time, the style of play was completely new, not involving violence, so the game was marketed as for both boys and girls.

Console text editor Vim (Vi Improved) is not quite intuitive and effective work with it requires prior training. Game PacVim will give the player the opportunity to practice with the commands in Vim in the form of entertainment. The gameplay is very similar to Pac-Man, the player will move on the playing field with the text, highlighting each word and avoid the ghosts.

Character PacVim given three lives, has ten levels (0 to 9), after passing the ninth level of the yoke continues with zero, but the ghosts move faster. After all letters are selected, the level ends and the player moves to the next level. The character loses a “life” if you touch a Ghost (in the form of a red letter G) or a Tilde (~), if “lives” is no more then the game ends with a loss.

License: GNU LGPLv3 / GPLv3

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