Neverwinter is one of the best online games of 2013

One of the most successful online gaming projects in 2013 is an MMORPG Neverwinter. Neverwinter (“Neverwinter”) is a city located in the Forgotten Realms Universe. The name of the village suggests that it is never cold time of year – winter (the city is located in the far North). The reason for this discrepancy with physics is that Neverwinter is not simple, but magical river. To play Neverwinter on linux using WINE.

Both beginners and seasoned players affects the beauty and greatness of their inventions. There are narrow alleys, and huge marketplaces. The developers have made the city very comfortable.

The Advantages Of “Neverwinter”

The game is very easy to learn, without restrictions, as is often the case in other projects. However, this does not mean that you should not think about each action: I not only “stupid” to press on the keyboard keys, but also “turn on” their brains. At the heart of “Neverwinter” is the so-called non-target system. Its essence lies in the fact that to aim at your enemy should be yourself, and to get away from attack, enough to make a good roll.

The character development system in Neverwinter also “level”. You can “upgrade” those skills and talents that you need. Keep in mind that the “war” can only be used a limited number of acquired capabilities. This fact again makes carefully consider not only their actions, but also opportunities.

Boredom and “Neverwinter” are simply incompatible. As soon as you pass the dungeon, you will be asked to do the crafting, and then to compete with opponents.

Developers with great respect to the free time of players. That is why one of the features of “Neverwinter” is sessionhost. This means that for “half an hour” you can go through some quest or dungeon.

The whole “dirty and black” work can be entrusted to mercenaries that will get you experience and money, to run errands. Thus, even when you’re not playing, your character is still developing.

Neverwinter Linux installation

The first step is to register the game. This can be done by clicking on this link. Unfortunately the developers have not implemented full support for game Neverwinter in Linux, but nevertheless it is possible to play using WINE. This is not necessarily tormented with installation and setup, as the game is present in the client’s Play On Linux. All you need to do is to install Play On Linux (how to do it painted here), and then search in its database for Neverwinter and install it like any other app in the PoL. Just answer the wizard’s questions and the installation program will do everything herself.

Neverwinter is the most updated game

The main “highlight” of “Neverwinter” is the editor of the Foundry. As a result, users every day to create their own jobs and share them with others. So Neverwinter is one of the most frequently updated online games. For this, the developer can put a huge plus.


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