How to install TAR.GZ in Ubuntu

TAR.GZ — standard type of file used in Ubuntu. It usually stores programs intended to be installed, or different repositories. Install software this extension just does not work, it is necessary to unpack and assemble. Today we would like to discuss in detail this theme, showing all the commands step by step and having every necessary action.

Set archive TAR.GZ in Ubuntu

In the process of unpacking and preparation software is nothing difficult, everything is done via the standard “Terminal” with a pre-download of additional components. The main thing just to find a working archive so that once unzipped, did not have any problems with installation. However, before beginning the instructions we want to note that you should carefully study the official website of the developer programs for DEB or RPM packages or the official repositories.

The installation of such data can be made much easier. More details about parsing of installation RPM packages read in our other article, we proceed to the first step.

Step 1: Installation of additional tools

For the implementation of the task you will need only one utility to be loaded before the interaction with the archive. Of course, Ubuntu already has a built-in compiler, but there is a utility for creating and building packages will allow you to redo the archive into a separate object supported by the file Manager. This will allow you to transfer a. DEB package to other users or remove a program from computer completely, leaving unnecessary files.

  • Open the menu and run “Terminal”.
  • Enter the command sudo apt-get install checkinstall build-essential autoconf automake to add desired components.
  • To confirm the added need to enter password from the main account.
  • Select option Dto start the operation of adding files.
  • Wait for the process to complete, then you will see the input string.
  • The process of installing additional utilities always passes, so this step should not cause any problems. Moving to further action.

    Step 2: unpack the archive with the program

    Now you need to connect the drive with the archive or to load an object in one of the folders on the computer. After that, proceed with the following instructions:

  • Open file Manager and navigate to the folder where the archive is stored.
  • Click the right mouse button and select “Properties”.
  • Find out the way to TAR.GZ it will be useful for operations in the console.
  • Start the Terminal and navigate to the folder storing files using the command cd /home/user/folder, where user is the user name and folder — name directory.
  • Extract the files from the directory by typing tar -xvf falkon.tar.gzwhere falkon.tar.gz — the name of the archive. We need to introduce not only the name but also .tar.gz.
  • You will be presented with a list of all the data that was able to extract. They will be saved in a new folder under the same path.
  • It remains only to collect all the files into one DEB package for further regular software installation disk.

    Step 3: Compile a. DEB package

    In the second step, you pulled the files from the archive and placed them in the normal directory, but it is not to ensure the proper functioning of the program. It should be collected, giving a logical form and making the appropriate installer. For this purpose, the standard commands in “Terminal”.

  • After the procedure, unzipped, close the console and go directly to the folder using the command cd falkon, where falkon — name directory.
  • Usually in the Assembly there are already scripts for the implementation of compile, so I advise you to first test the command ./bootstrap, and in case of malfunction to use ./
  • If both teams failed, you need to add the necessary script. Enter in the console command:

    automake --gnu --add-missing --copy --foreign
    autoconf -f -Wall

    When adding new packages it may be that the system lacks certain libraries. You will see a notification in the”Terminal”. To install the missing library with the command sudo apt install namelibwhere namelib — the name of the required component.

  • At the completion of the previous step, proceed to compile by typing the command make. Build time depends on the amount of information in the folder, so do not close the console and wait for the notification about successful compilation.
  • Last write checkinstall.
  • Step 4: Install the finished package

    As mentioned earlier, the applied method is used to create archive of. DEB package for installation program by any convenient means. The package you will find in the same directory where it is stored TAR.GZ and with the possible methods of installation refer to separate in our article at the link below.

    See also: Installing DEB packages in Ubuntu

    When you try to install the considered archives it is also important to consider that some of them were collected by specific methods. If the above procedure does not work, look in the folder itself uncompressed TAR.GZ and find file Readme or Installto find descriptions on the installation.


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