Neverball: hit the ball in the goalИногда tired of the endless shooters, races, magic, and other things, I want to play simple but interesting game that strains the attention and fine motor skills. We present you Neverball – creation of a team of programmers led by Robert Quemy.

Neverball appeared in 2003, and it was Super Empty Ball. However, soon after that, the developers changed the name to Neverball.

This is a game in which you control a ball by tilting a support. If you throw the bowling ball, so he rolled along the path here – it is necessary to raise and lower the track so that it rolled the ball. It turns out that Neverball is “bowling Vice versa.” The platform on which the moving ball, also a bit like a Golf course. Before moving on to a higher level, you must earn a set number of points, open goal and then hit it with the ball. As a “free app” to the game is Neverputt – minigolf computer.

Gameplay Neverball

A bit of tinkering in Neverball, make sure that this game will never get bored. After all, there is much to improve: ahead of the novice 116 main levels and 25 additional. As for Neverputt, here for passing available to the 134 level.

If you don’t finish in the allotted time, or “not right” and the ball goes over the design, you lose. Pleases only one thing: the number of attempts to pass the level nothing and no one is limited!

You need to earn points by collecting coins. Coins of different colors bring a different number of points. So, for one yellow coin, you get one point, red 5, and blue 10. How many points need to collect, and how much is already assembled, you can see by looking at the indicator in the lower right corner of the screen. If you rack up the points, the goal is activated. Your task is to get the ball in the goal, and go to the next level.

The developer tried to ensure that users could “be compared” with each other, and learn how to pass difficult levels, comparing achievements. The game will automatically record the last process of passing a level is video can be recorded in a file for further demonstration.

Game Neverball proved to be so popular that some companies have released remakes on it – a Prime example is the game Nuncabola on the Java platform.

Install Neverball on Ubuntu

Game Neverball – cross-platform, i.e. it can be played on different operating systems – Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The easiest way to install the game through Desura distribution of content (how to install desura on Ubuntu). Next, look in the game client by the name of neverball and install in the standard way.


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