Counter Strike: Global Offensive now on Linux

Without any exaggeration, Counter Strike is a game where a whole generation of people. “Contra” is the progenitor of the “Call of Duty”, “Battlefield” and other equally well-known projects. The first version of “Counter Strike” appeared in the distant year 2000. Because of this, the shooter then literally crammed with computer clubs. But today this situation myself it is hard to imagine a computer with broadband Internet is almost everyone. September 23 this year released a test version of “Contra” for the Linux operating system. This is a pivotal event in the history of “Counter Strike” and is the reason for writing this article. Remember, what was the game before, what are the advantages and disadvantages are of different versions.

Since its inception Counter Strikeсоставила competition “the great” Quakeи Doom. Well, at least because the confrontation between terrorists and special forces in “Counter” is not on distant planets with monsters, and our, native Land-mother…

Now few people remember, but it was a game of Quake Action, and it came out much earlier than 2000. The early “Counter Strike” and “QuakeAction” similar to each other as two drops of water. But the project is “Action Quake” waned – maybe the developer just lost interest in him. If at the right time a new version of Quake Action, then “Dissent”, probably would not be, or the game wouldn’t be popular.

Gamers immediately fell in love with “Counter Strike” – the developers most brought this game to reality. Counter-strike no fictional weapons: rifles and pistols have their analogs in the physical world. Those who used to play “Action Quake” had to forget “rocket jumps” and other fictional weapons.

However, the weapon of the special forces and terrorists at first still different. The main weapon of the police – the shield and rifle M4A1 (“emka”), the bandits are armed with a “Kalash” AK-47. “M” had a silencer and more accurate shot, but lost “Kalash” in lethal force. In this regard, I would like to recall the following paradox: “the terrorists” sought to change the “Kalash” to “m” and the police to arm themselves with an AK-47. Perhaps this desire is due to human psychology: you always want to have something that is currently unavailable.

Due to the high popularity of the “Counter Strike” developer supported the game and released a new version. So, version 1.6 brought a lot of changes, not just cosmetic. Fixed bugs were: backache, raspryga, etc. Over time, the computer industry began to produce more powerful machines, and the software – enhanced version of the games with higher system requirements. Valve does not remain aloof from this process, releasing Counter Strike Source.

Compared to the previous version, in Counter Strike Source has basically changed physics and graphics. 4 times increased resolution textures, increased the number of polygons for one model, there are higher-quality lighting effects: reflection, glare and shadows. Targets, weapons and maps have not changed – only thing missing is a police shield.

At this stage, by the community of players was released a lot of new modes and additions. The most popular modes have GunGame and DeathMatch.

In 2010, a new version of “Contra” — Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In addition to the new engine, the game received an increasingly challenging set of achievements and stuff like “kill 50 enemies, and you get another useless icon”. Many of these things came into the world “Dissent” from “Call of Duty”. Many players embraced the new version of “hostility” is a community created mod Counter-Strike: Source Classic, running on the old engine. Read more about Counter Strike: Global Offensive – in our next article.

Installing the game in Linux through the client Steam. To buy the game discounted use gaming card.


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