“Material Shell” is an impressive extension of the GNOME Shell

Material Shell

Imagine that GNOME Shell and the i3 window manager got married, bought a house, and moved in together. And from this union, a brainchild called Material Shell appeared .

Material Shell is a promising new GNOME Shell extension that is currently in beta testing. It replaces the standard Shell window with a unique, keyboard-controlled one, with an emphasis on mosaics.

If you click the “ Play” on the demo video below (or click here to watch it on Imgur ), you’ll soon understand why this setup caused such a stir on reddit:

[GNOME] Material-Shell *Beta* from r/unixporn

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The developer of the Material Shell is Github user PapyElGringo, who describes his own creation as “a replacement for the Material Tiling shell for Gnome-shell”, which aims to “… simplify and speed up the daily workflow and productivity”.

Try the Material Shell yourself

The really good news about this particularly nice setup is that you don’t have to just sit around and drool over it: you can download and try it out for yourself!

Admittedly, the extension can’t be installed in one click, but running it on your desktop is also not difficult if you’ve ever worked with GNOME 3.32.

Just download the Material Shell extension from Github, move the package to the correct location, and then enable the extension via GNOME Tweaks.

If you have git installed, you can do most of the above actions.

Don’t forget to also enable the extension via GNOME Tweaks > Extensions >> Material Shell>> .

To make it look like in the video above, you will need to install the Plata GTK Theme and a set of Tela icons.

Some keyboard shortcuts you need to know (note how convenient they are for one-handed use):

  • Super + W Go to the top workspace / category.
  • Super + S Go to the lower workspace / category.
  • Super + A Focus the window to the left of the current window.
  • Super + D Focus the window to the right of the current window.
  • Super + Q Close the current window in focus.
  • Super + [MouseDrag] Move the window.

At the moment, there are no convenient configuration parameters in the Shell.

Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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