Joplin — lightweight Python / JavaScript (nodejs) / GTK GUI application for creating notes and to-do lists (to-do), with the possibility of synchronization.

User interface Joplin incredibly available light and dark theme, there are a small number of settings that optionally integrates into the notification area (system tray).

Notebook Joplin allows you to process a large number of notes by organizing them into notebooks, with the ability to sort by multiple parameters, supports the installation of labels (tags), search by one and all notes.

To create notes in Joplin provides a full-featured visual Markdowneditor. For text you can set the font, color and size, draw a table, insert in-text notes, images, add attachments, and metadata (geolocation, time of creation, update time, etc).

Joplin supports encryption of notes, which is especially needed when syncing with the cloud. Synchronization services Nextcloud (a fork of ownCloud), OneDrive and Dropbox, the web services Protocol support WebDAV (such as Yandex / Yandex Disk) , and network directories.

When you synchronize data, notes, tags, and other metadata are saved as text files that are easily viewed and edited with external applications (editor defined in settings), just create a backup and move.

Joplin supports import and export data to a file of its own format (*.jex file or directory)in Markdownfile, and the format of the service to synchronize notes to Evernote (in file *.enex). Individual notes and notebooks can be exported to a PDF-document (*.pdf).

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru


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