Creeper World 3

In Creeper World now can play and Linux users, not just Windows and Mac OS. In the digital distribution service Steam appeared the third version of indie game called Creeper World Arc Eternal. I have to say – the novelty of the Knuckle Cracke worth paying attention to both novices and “seasoned” gamers. Nevertheless, to begin to play immediately in the third part, it’s like, start reading books in the middle. That is why we strongly suggest you to get acquainted with the first part of Creeper World Simulator and the second part of Creeper World 2: Redemption.

The Story Of Creeper World

The game Creeper World takes place in the distant 13271 year. Humanity has colonized thousands of planets in different corners of the Universe and become the master race. In the Universe, the era of well-being – people and other creatures he studied, got married, gave birth and raised children. And then came a Creeper (on Russian language translated as “RAM”) and everything changed. “Nightcrawler” is a very ancient and hostile to all living form of life. Slides to jump from one planet to another, and slaughtered the people there. In the early days of this aggression, hostile life-form has killed over 500 billion people.

The slider became the dominant form of life almost everywhere. Free left the planet with the symbolic name “Hope”. Managed to survive only 50 thousand people – they built a large space station called “the City of Odin”.

The task facing the player, is quite clear: you need to command a space station of humans, and wage an uncompromising struggle against the invading enemies. The ultimate goal is to reclaim all that RAM took the people. In the process of conquering the next planet you will need to capture the spatial totem which will allow you to teleport to other habitable worlds.

Especially the third game

The basis of the game is energy. In order to produce it, there are so-called drives of fractal energy. You should try to cover these drives as much territory as possible. At the same time need to fear emitters of the RAM – they can very easily destroy all your buildings. To malicious “Creeper” from spreading any further, use a special weapon. However, it also works on the energy emitted by the City of Odin. Of course, energy is not always enough – in this case, use a special store of energy. In the “World of Slide” there are two kinds of guns – a nuclear power plant and bombers.

With the help of special resource and ore, you will be able to set their emitters (the so-called anticreeper) and delay Slider. In addition, it is possible to use technici – specialized research centers that constantly work to improve plant characteristics and weapons.

In the third part of the game much larger map. In addition, at different points of the planet can pull a few control nodes, which will give rise to a number of databases. The player will be able to use protection in the form of walls and shields, and use the terraforming tools for a given change in the landscape around them.

Install Creeper World 3

The game is distributed through Steam. To install you must first put the Steam client. After that install the game from the games Steam.


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