“Foliate” – the ePub Reader it is now easier to install in Ubuntu

Greetings to all “bookworms”, I hope there are those who want to try the program for reading e-books Foliate: it is now available outside Flathub.

Foliate is well-designed, well-structured program for reading e-books for Linux, using GTK. The application supports only format .epub.

Until then, the only way to use Foliate on Ubuntu was build using Flatpak on Flathub. Although it is relatively easy, some people flatly refuse to do it.

That’s why they got the good news, new release Foliate 1.4.0 is available for installation as a package – Flatpak required!

New opportunities Foliate 1.4.0

In addition to the new version, 1.4.0 Foliate offers many enhancements that further strengthen its position as the best applications for reading electronic books in Ubuntu.

Based on the existing set of functions (of which there are many), the application adds:

  • Alternative interface side panel.
  • Offline search in Wikipedia and the dictionary;
  • Support For Google Translate;
  • Setting the default action when you select words;
  • Support pop-up footnotes;
  • The ability to search only in the current Chapter;

The new version of the application is no longer dependent on library libsoup, and the minimum version of GJS was lowered to 1.52, which means that the app is now compatible with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS!

Download Foliate 1.4.0 for Ubuntu

You can download and install Foliate Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or a more recent version, using the following installer:

Download Filiate 1.4.0 for Ubuntu (64-bit)

But there is no guarantee that every future updates Foliate to create the installer, so you can instead stick Flathhub.

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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