Barbie Seahorse Adventures

Barbie Seahorse Adventures — adventure Python (PyGame) / SDL arcade platformer made in the spirit of the legendary retro game Super Mario Bros 3.

Super Mario Bros 3 (Mario Superbrute 3) — game in the genre of arcade platform, also known as Mario 3, Super Mario 3, SMB3, published in 1988 a code company Nintendo for the console NES. The game is a continuation of a series of Super Mario Bros, the game was added in a series of many innovations perfectly fit into your game world Mario.

In the game Barbie Seahorse Adventures have to play for the seahorse Barbie (Barbie)travelling through the jungle, up to the volcano and does not rise on the bubble to the moon. Along the way the meet various enemies, servants of the “Evil overlord” who stole the “galactic crystal“.

Gameplay Barbie Seahorse Adventures is largely similar to the gameplay of Super Mario Bros 3, the character moves on the platforms, avoids meeting or destroys enemies (shooting them with bubbles), collects coins and power-UPS for coins collected and enemies destroyed points are awarded.

The goal of the game to reach the last level and destroy the “Evil overlord(the level Boss), at the levels found in the aisles “bonus levels“in which no enemies, lots of coins and sometimes an additional “life(originally given the three).

The standard version (compo version) of the game has five playable levels in the Deluxe version of ten levels, you can take them in any order. In order to get to the last level (Boss) need to successfully complete all normal.

Barbie Seahorse Adventures has low system requirements, supported music and sound, controlled with the keyboard.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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