Gods Will Be Watching: how to survive on a distant planet

In modern computer games developers are always trying to consider all the possible difficulties and hardships that will fall to the share of the player. We are “led by hand”, constantly give some tips. In General, there is absolutely no independence. The company Destructeam decided to rectify the situation and created a survival simulator, where everything, including human life, depends on the player. Well, “gods will be watching”.

History of development

A prototype of the game “Gods Will Be Watching” appeared in the competition Ludum Dare. Each team that took part in the competition, there were only three days to create a new game that is called “from scratch”. A new project was immediately noticed and received favorable reviews from players and the press. Encouraged by the success, the developers have organized a campaign to raise funds for the website Indie Go Go. Instead of the planned 8,000 euros on the further development of the game was collected 12000.

The basics of gameplay

The developers call their game a Thriller, and, apparently, not in vain. The whole gameplay is “Gods Will Be Watching” consists entirely of stressful situations, each of which requires an immediate decision. In the game prototype was like this. A group of people, including the captain, soldier, engineer, psychologist and a doctor was on a distant frozen planet. The company people made a dog and a robot. All anything, but being on this planet, people can get very scary virus – jellyfish. Also broke the radio station, using which you can call for help. However, everyone knows that after 40 days past the planets will fly the ship. So, in this period of time you should try not only to survive himself, but also repair the radio. However, as you probably already guessed, to survive is not so easy:

-in the fire it is necessary to regularly maintain the fire, otherwise it will die of hypothermia;

-40 days you need something to eat, and that means you have to send the soldier and the dog to hunt wild animals, but in the process of hunting soldiers have to conserve ammunition – the night will need to fend off predators attacking the camp;

radio can fix just an engineer or a robot.

All decisions are made by the captain. In a day, you can take 5 solutions, so the next morning to face their consequences. If you starve our people to death, then someone will surely die from exhaustion if not noticed her symptoms of “Medusa” — will have to whistle the funeral March.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that all the losses the team perceives very painfully, all depressed and tantrums. To help cope with this can only be a psychologist.

The advantage of the game “Gods Will Be Watching” – an unusual approach in the absence of any framework and in the freedom of the player. Limitations if there is, it is purely psychological: if you can give a psychologist at the mercy of the dog, shoot the hostage, or to fix the radio in a time when soldiers are dying from “Medusa”? If so, God will judge.

To purchase the game in Steam users with Windows operating systems, Mac OS and Linux. A little later the game will be ported to the Android platform and iOS.


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