FreeCiv — free Civilization under Linux

The game of Civilization (Sid Meier;s Civilization) is rightfully inscribed in the history of video games as the founder of turn-based strategy. Original commercial game exists and develops in so far as its open and free analog FreeCiv.

In the game you have to play for the immortal leader of an entire civilization! You have to develop geographically, scientific, military and cultural to their country, to build and equip the city to develop the economy, to trade or fight with neighbors.

FreeCiv Игровой процесс1

All you have to do it step by step. All players have to go one by one, each unit has a certain amount of movement for one turn, building and research also occupy a certain number of moves. Relatively speaking, the course is a unit of time. Wins the one who will crush all opponents in the cultural, scientific, or military craft.

На островах FreeCiv Игровой процесс2

The whole gameplay is built on the development of your civilization! The one who first built the Railways will have an advantage in mobility, who was the first open flight advantage in the military, etc.

FreeCiv Чат3

FreeCiv as a good open game, has ports for most popular operating systems including Linux and Windows. In the game the opportunity to play on the network, so you can fight with your friends who have not yet switched to Ubuntu or another distribution.

Install FreeCiv

You can download the game from the official site:

Install the game in Ubuntu from official repository search in the application Center program of freeciv. Or you can run in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install freeciv

On the game’s website you will also find various add-ons and modifications.


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