FranknJonh, Bearzerkers, Twilight Struggle, Sheltered, Pale Blue – new Linux games on Kickstarter

On the website Kickstarter has a new exciting Linux games: about the terrible monster that appeared as a result obezbashennaya experiment, about a murderous Panda, destroy other animals, the confrontation between the two superpowers, the USSR and the USA. Some of these projects are already 2-3 times blocked the scheduled collection amount.

FranknJonh – adventures of the mad doctor

Dr. Frankn John appeared in the white light thanks to a completely insane experiment. Unlike other living creatures, the head of the monster almost completely severed from the body: it rests only on a massive chain. Frank John skillfully uses his head as a combat projectile, destroying everyone who is not afraid to approach him. In the process of the game skull can be changed, it diversifies the combat capabilities of the monster.

Bearzerkers– game-type “substitute companion”

The main character of this game is absolutely insane Panda, which runs through the forest and killing all the animals that fall under his arm. Of course, nobody wants to die, so everyone is trying to frame his friend. For this you need to use special bonuses or interactive objects. The winner in Bearzerkers is the last “survivor” player.

Twilight Struggle– the cold war in a new way

Twilight Struggle can be seen as an interesting history book for the younger generation, telling about the confrontation of two superpowers, the USSR and the USA. The player chooses how much of the two States he has to play, and strives to attract as many allies. The final game may not coincide with real history – for example, the Soviet Union could defeat the US, or even worse, the whole world will turn into a radioactive ashes.

Sheltered is a game about surviving after a nuclear war

Imagine that the wishes of the crazy Pro-Kremlin presenter Dmitry Kiselev has come true, and America is turned into a radioactive ashes. The game is “Sheltered” talks about how the typical American family consisting of father, mother and son fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The main thing – to stay alive. To do this, you can do anything: take in his bunker other people to deal with raiders or mutants.

PaleBlue: villain Ellen in the service of evil

The Central character of the game Pale Blue is Helen, once a normal girl, and now the monster is destroying humanity. This unpleasant metamorphosis Helen owes the Corporation a “Cocoon”. Those who watched all of the “resident Evil” will find a lot of interesting analogies and Parallels.


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