Race pensioners and adventures of a boy in a terrible house

Kickstarter is a wonderful project, thanks to which there are numerous games for Linux and other operating systems. In this brief review we will tell you about two games: Coffin Dodgers and Bulb Boy.

Coffin Dodgers: old men against Death

Developer of the first game is the company MilkyTea. The plot of the new game dedicated to the bored pensioners, who, to avoid boredom, staged a race with Death itself and with its improvised zombie.

It should be noted that the game Coffin Dodgers was announced in August last year and was supposed to be released in late 2013. The game is “something did not grow together” project information since that time was no.

In a deadly race involved 7 participants – grandparents. As vehicles, they chose scooters. During the drive, the elderly will fight back from Death all that comes to hand and improvised weapons.

Overcoming slopes is complicated by the fact that each of them has its own obstacles: the army of the dead, random motorists, cops, pedestrians. The developers ask on the further development of the game 65 thousand pounds. To enjoy racing with death itself will be users of the operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS, game consoles, PS Vita, and mobile devices with Android and iOS.

A little about the developer: company Milky Tea began its work in 2005. MilkyTea widely known for Roller Rally: Snake Pass – the race to mobile devices, as well as on the game The Well.

Bulb Boy: adventures of a boy in a terrible house

The protagonist of “Bulb Boy” – a little boy with light bulb instead of the head, remaining alone in a terrible house filled with monsters. In the role of monsters are the former toys who inexplicably have changed beyond recognition. During the game the boy will have to “use your head” in the truest sense of the word – will need someone to hit with electric shocks or tighten the head at the right base. Clearing the whole house from monsters, would the boy save his grandfather and a beloved dog.

The developers are going to receive from the company on Kickstarter of $ 50,000 (at the time of this writing, contains only two). To get the game, should make a contribution in the amount of $ 15. If you are interested in this game, you can evaluate it online right now. For this to work, your browser needs to be installed the Unity plugin.


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