Pingus — a lemmings under Linux and Windows

Pingus is an open clone of the good old game Lemmings (Lemmings). Save the penguins by solving various puzzles.

The game Lemmings was founded in 1991 and thanks to the interesting gameplay became very popular. Pingus lemmings gameplay repeats, adding in the game a bit of its own charm.

For those who do not know what the lemmings will briefly describe the gameplay. So before you a field with one entrance and one exit or multiple exits. One after the other through the entrance pass the penguins, who are should be brought to exit through the abyss or breaking them in the wall.

The penguins never stop and when you come to the obstacle turn around and go back. To overcome obstacles, cliffs and other obstacles on your way out you can equip the penguins with various devices, among which there are the chutes, jumps, shovels and even bombs. To win each level you need to exit a certain number of penguins, otherwise game has to start over.

The game Pingus is available for both Linux and MacOS and Windows, so you can play lemmings clone free and unloved operating system. Download Pingus for an alternative OS, please visit:

In Ubuntu Pingus present in the standard repositories and installed through the app center by searching for the word pingus, either command in the terminal window:

sudo apt-get install pingus

The game will appeal to both children and adults and allow you to pass more than one hour of time.


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