Tomb Raider is available on Linux, this not a miracle?

Lara Croft finally appears on Linux.

Tomb Raider for Linux and Steam OS already on sale.
And this is the official version; the Feral Interacive responsible for porting games to Linux, announced it on Twitter.

Linux gamers can try out the game of class AAA on April 27, bought it in the Steam store or Feral Store. Its price tag is now only 400 rubles.

Buy Tomb Raider on Steam for Linux

Buy Tomb Raider for Linux in the Feral Store

Tomb Raider was originally released in 2013 for Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360. Then was ported to the Mac in 2014.

Linux was the only platform where tomb raider has not visited.

The game embodies the life of Lara Croft in the original story, allowing players to be not just archaeologists, but also to kick some ass enemies.

“To survive. When a young Lara Croft goes on a desert island, she enters into a struggle for survival, having only their own instincts” – so describe the plot of the producers of the game.

System requirements for Tomb Raider on Linux

Tomb Raider for Linux uses OpenGL, so should work on any Nvidia graphics card with 1GB of memory (don’t forget to install the drivers).

Minimum system requirements: processor Intel i3 (or AMD FX-6300) and 4GB of RAM.

The owners of the AMD GPU will need 2GB of memory. And the MESA driver 11.2.

For a comfortable game Feral Interactive recommend the Intel i5, 8GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce 760 GPU with 3GB of graphics memory.


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