Dendy Emulator

Representatives of the generation whose childhood fell on the end of the 80s beginning of the 90s of course I remember such cool thing as the prefix Dendy. Pridavani of nostalgia to play games Dendy can be today and this does not have to look for the console.

In fact the Dendy is a clone video game consoles third generation Famicom produced by Nintendo. There are a lot of software emulators of game consoles Dendy for Windows. They exist for Linux. To play in this emulator, you must download the game image, the so-called ROM file, the sites are easy to find results for nes roms. Then unpacked rom file (extension usually nes or fc) is opened by the emulator and you can play your favorite childhood Mario is on the keyboard.

In the Ubuntu software center are the following software emulators:

FCEUX — NES Emulator

Available for both Linux and Windows. Able to play only NES images. Have the ability to play multiple people on one computer or across a network. Able to take screenshots and record video of the gameplay.

Installing on Ubuntu a search in the app Center on key word fceux or run in terminal:

sudo apt-get install fceux

Immediately after installation I recommend to switch the video mode to use OpenGL. So I have the emulator ceased to fall out and hang out during the games. This is done in the Options menuVideo config

You need to set the checkbox for OpenGL, and so I recommend to set X and Y Scaling factor, it will increase the window size when playing in windowed mode.

To play from the file menu, choose Open ROM, find the file of your favorite game and enjoy the gameplay. To change the settings of keys in the Options menuGampad config. The FCEUX emulator normally supports the transition to fullscreen mode.

Download Dendy emulator FCEUX for Windows on the official website

GFCE Ultra

This is the graphical shell of the console emulator fce ultra. The capabilities of this emulator FCEUX a little more modest. This emulator supports only NES images. Allows you to play up to 4 people on one computer or across a network. Immediately after startup on the first tab you can open an existing image and start playing. To configure the keyboard controls on the Input tab. In Video tab you can also enable OpenGL drawing.

In fact, fce ultra is an old version of fceux. It has a lot of problems with performance and stability, so it is recommended to use fceux or another emulator.


It is much more than just an emulator Dendy. This program can also play NES so the images of the SNES (Super Nintendo), as well as Gameboy and some other consoles. The emulator more advanced functions of displaying video and audio. Supports multiplayer game on a single computer. In my opinion this emulator is the most stable and preferred to play on the same computer.

In the standard repositories of Ubuntu 12.04 available version 0.84 bsnes, but bsnes official site the latest version 0.91 however it is distributed in source code. There you can download a version for Windows. In General, the version from the repository more than enough to enjoy the game as favorite Tanchiki Dendy, but if you want the freshest and the coolest it is possible to connect the ppa repository ppa:hunter-kaller/ppa to put the game out.

Installation as usual looking for in the app Center bsnes or input line terminal the following command:

sudo apt-get install bsnes

Pleasant nostalgia.


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