Debian Release Buster 10. The future is here!

Came Debian Booster 10. Let’s see what’s new in this release and how to install it.

Novelties in Debian Booster 10

Consider all explicit and implicit changes in the major version of this release Debian.

New theme and Wallpaper

New theme Debian for Booster called FuturePrototype and is presented on the figure below:

Debian Buster FuturePrototype

1. Gnome Desktop 3.30

The GNOME desktop, which was version 1.3.22 Debian Jessie updated to version 1.3.30 in Buster. Several new packages included in this release of GNOME desktop is gnome-todo is tracker tracker-gui, dependency on gstreamer1.0-packagekit, so that there is an automatic installation of codecs to play movies, etc. a Big step was moving all of the packages libgtk2 + in libgtk3 +.

2. Linux Kernel 4.19.0-4

Debian uses a version of the LTS Kernel, so that we get improved hardware support and a long 5-year cycle service and support from Debian. You can check the version of the Linux kernel here :

 $ uname-r 4.19.0-4-amd64

3. OpenJDK 11.0

For a long time, Debian was stuck on OpenJDK 8.0. But now Debian Buster switched to OpenJDK 11.0 and has a team that will take care of the new versions.

4. AppArmor is enabled by default

Debian Buster AppArmor will be enabled by default. That’s great, but here system administrators should take care about the correct policy. This is only the first step, and perhaps in the future you will need to correct many scripts that they were so useful for the user as intended.

5. Nodejs 10.15.2

A long time in the Debian repos was Nodejs 4.8. In this release Debian switched to Nodejs 10.15.2. Debian Buster has a lot of javascript libraries, such as yarnpkg (alternative npm) and many others.

Of course you can install the latest version of Nodejs in Debian repository of the project, but nicer to see a newer version in the Debian repos.

6. NFtables replaces iptables

Debian buster provides nftables as a full replacement for iptables, it means that you are waiting for an improved simpler syntax, improved firewall support dual-stack ipv4-v6 and much more.

7. Support for many ARM boards 64 and ARMHF SBC.

Debian supports flow continuously implementing SBC boards, the last among them – pine64_plus, pinebook for ARM64, Firefly-RK3288 u-boot-rockchip for ARMHF 64 and Odroid HC1/HC2, SolidRun Cubox -i Dual/Quad (1.5 som) and SolidRun Cubox-i Dual/Quad (1.5 som+emmc), Cubietruckplus. Supported Rock 64, Banana Pi M2 Berry, Pine A64 LTS Board, Olimex A64 Teres-1 Raspberry Pi 1, and Pi 3 Zero. It is also planned to support systems RISC-V.

8. Python 2 is dead, long live Python 3!

Python 2 will be deprecated on 1 January 2020 (ist. Although there are Debian and Python 2.7, attempting to remove it after you move all the packages in Python 3, to remove it from the repository. This can occur either in the production of Buster, or in a future release, but it is inevitable. So the Python developers are encouraged to migrate their code base to be compatible with Python 3. At the time of this writing, python2 and python3 are supported in Debian Buster.

9. Mailman3

Mailman3 is finally available in Debian! Mailman was further subdivided into components. To install the entire stack, install mailman3-full.

10. Any existing Postgresql databases will need to reindex

Due to updates in data-locale glibc method of sorting information to be placed into the text indexes will change, so it is useful to re-indexing the data so as not to damage them in the future.

11. Bash 5.0 default

You probably already know about the new features in Bash 5.0? This version is already in Debian!

12. Debian implements the /usr/merge

Already published excellent tutorial on freedesktop about the possibilities of /usr/merge. Important note: Debian would like to perform a full transition, but there is a possibility that due to unforeseen circumstances some binary files may not be able to make changes. However, /var, and /etc/ will not be changed, so people used the containers or cloud will not have to worry so much 🙂

13. Secure boot

Thanks Buster, Debian now has support for secure boot. This means that the machine enabled bit safe download, easy to install Debian. No need to disable or bypass secure boot 🙂

14. Calameres Live-installer images Debian-Live

Buster Debian, Debian Live is Debian installer Calameres instead of plain old Debian installer. Debian-installer has much more features than the Calameres for beginners, but Calameres provides a new alternative to install unlike Debian-installer. Below is a screenshot of the installation process.

Calamares stage split

To install Debian under Calamares is quite simple to install it you need to pass all 5 stages.

Download Debian 10 Buster

You can download Debian from his website. Available as a 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

In conclusion

In this release we have updated thousands of packages, and to list them all is almost impossible. I’m tired to list even only the major changes that you can find in Debian Buster. What do you think of Debian release 10 Buster? Share your views in the comments.


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