mdl (Less MarkDown)

mdl (MarkDown Less) — console C++ / Ncurses utility for viewing Markdowndocuments.

Markdown — presented in 2004 year, the lightweight markup languagecreated with the goal of writing the most readable and easy to edit text, but suitable for conversion to languages for advanced publications (HTML, Rich Text and others). Markdown is not a replacement for HTML, its syntax is limited and meets only a small subset of HTML.

mdl is designed as a functional analogue of the utility mdp (command line tool for viewing Markdown-presentations), but allows you to display Markdownfiles as well as less displays the contents of text files and man pages (manual pages). Utility at startup is unreadable the whole file, it can be faster to access and more comfortable to view large and multi-page Markdown files.

mdl displays the Markdownfile is scrollable (up and down, paging)using additional options you can change the interface view Markdowndocument. To generate the output document uses the capabilities of Doxygen, the control is performed with the keyboard, supported to move with the mouse.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru


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