GNOME Shell has added another highly requested feature

Wait! GNOME Shell adds the ability to create folders of apps by simply dragging and dropping drag and drop.

Been waiting for, isn’t it?

A function written by the developer of Georges Basile Stavracas Neto (aka Feaneron) and already proposed to add: “…implements drag’n’drop as a way to manage folders in GNOME Shell.”

GNOME Shell , initially supported the applications folder, you just can’t create them directly from the list of apps using drag and drop. In fact, this process was hidden and just simply hidden in GNOME software.

There are third party extensions that make it easy to create application folders in GNOME Shell, but still preferable to have this feature out of the box, isn’t it? And that’s exactly what George promises in your Supplement.

Managing application folders in GNOME Shell

Please note that this article refers to code development, which is: a) not finished, b) not in place. This feature is still under development and does not necessarily appear in GNOME 3.34.

But, as can be seen from the following short video from Alex (BabyWogue), the function control application folders, GNOME Shell is already working well:

Haven’t had the chance to see this new feature (I don’t use the latest version of the system), but I would like to manage folders of apps by dragging them has been almost as it is in other operating systems (in particular MacOS and Crome OS).

For example, to undo the premise of the application to a folder, you drag it back. If a folder contains only one element, it ceases to be a folder, and becomes a normal tile. And to delete the folder, just remove all the items from it.

Finally to name or rename the application folder, you must open it and click in the area of the directory.

This feature is in development and may be changed.

Write in the comments, are there any other functions that you are missing in GNOME Shell?

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