Cannons Lasers Rockets: a spaceship simulator

Cannons Lasers Rockets – this is another simulator of a starship, this time for the Linux operating system. To your attention are two-dimensional duels, but in three-dimensional space. The advantage of this product lies in the diversity of playing styles and combat roles. The game is quite easy to learn, not only for veteran gamers, but for beginners. The basis for Cannons Lasers Rockets – the Unity 3D engine. Graphics of the game, certainly not up to the famous Eve Online, but it will be acceptable for most gamers.

Become an ACE here is simple – you only need to learn how to manage five buttons: W, A, S, D button and “Fire”. The game, frankly, do not possess the realism, but it has destructible environments. It’s small, medium and large asteroids, which veer between spaceships of different shapes, colors and sizes. Each game location can include 50 players (clan violence) – or 20, if we are talking about a random team battles.

Fighting in the game arcade, but everything else is more complicated and interesting. In Cannons Lasers Rockets is a huge number of different ships and their equipment. So the game will definitely appeal to those who like to choose and “to move from place to place” missiles, lasers, cannons, and other weapons.

The goal of the developer was creating a game that has cool spaceships, and there is no place for boredom and the yawn. Cannons Lasers Rockets gameplay is easy to understand, and tactics are quite complex and deep in order to organize meaningful team play.

Usually a starship in space simulators is quite difficult to manage because of the 3D component. Feature Lasers Rockets is that the player has to fight with the problems of management, and with real opponents. The gameplay is simplified so that the hero of the galaxy can become a novice.

Space wars in nature, yet was not. This means that no one knows how to make a fight in space “realistic”. The developer is also not tried. The aim was that each could choose the most suitable spaceship in appearance and technical characteristics.

The installation of Cannons Lasers Rockets in Ubuntu

The game is free to install on Steam or Desura.


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