Caesar 3 on Linux

Caesar is a popular economic strategy of the late 90s and early 2000s. Unfortunately, there is no” natural ” Caesar for Linux and even no free one yet, but this wonderful game can be played using WINE.

In the game Caesar 3, you will manage the development of the Roman city, creating places for housing, recreation and work of citizens, thereby increasing its number and well-being. I think there are few fans of computer games not familiar or at least heard about this game.

Caesar 3-Main Menu

You start with an empty field and a single road and begin to build up the area with places for residential buildings, adding prefectures and engineering structures to protect the residents and hire workers. Then gradually add more and more buildings to produce food, build larger dwellings, trade, and make a profit for the glory of the gods and the emperor!

Caesar 3-The Game

The game is not free, on the Internet the licensed version can be purchased for 300-500r. If you decide to turn to torents then it is on your conscience 😉

Installing the game Caesar 3 under WINE

You must already have the latest version of wine installed (how to install the latest version of wine). To begin with, I copied the contents of the CD into one folder, so that I wouldn’t have to paste it every time I accessed it. Next, install the game in the usual way by running setup.exe from the root of the folder to which you copied the contents of the CD. You can do this either by double clicking from the nautilus window or in the terminal go to the folder and run the command:

wine setup.exe

The standard window for installing the program opens, just like in Windows. Answer all questions by default.

If when trying to launch from the Nautilus window, the halyard setup.exe you will get this error:

No attribute to start the program

Then you need to set the attribute (exec bit) in the file properties. To do this, right-click on the file, then select the “Properties” menu item . Then, on the “Rights” tab, check the box “Allow file execution as a program”.»

Setting the attribute to start the program

After installation, the program will appear in the menu ” ApplicationsWinePrograms”.  Now you need to connect the folder containing the files from the game’s CD-ROM as a virtual CD-ROM for Wine. To do this, run the Wine setup (ApplicationsWineSetting up WINE) and go to the Disks tab. Click Browse and select the folder containing the contents of the Caesar 3 CD-ROM. Then click Show Advanced Options and specify the CD-ROM disk type. Then click the ” Add ” button.»

CD-ROM emulation in Wine

Possible problems with running Caesar 3 in Wine

  • At the first start, a black screen or an inscription about loading sounds, while the sound of the start videos is heard. The problem is the wrong resolution. Press F9, the required resolution will be set, if this is not the case, fix it in the game settings. Subsequent launches of the game will proceed correctly, provided that you close the game correctly (via the exit menu).
  • On the multi-monitor configuration, my game did not want to run in full screen, the output was found using the wine configuration and installing a virtual desktop with a size of 1024×768. This is done using the utility “Setting up Wine” which is located in the menu “ApplicationsWine” on the Graphics tab. Check the box “Emulate virtual desktop” and set the size of the table to 1024 by 768 as shown in the picture below:

    Wine configuration for Cesar III

    That’s all for today. Have a nice game of Caesar!

    UPD: It’s also useful to pre-configure wine

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