XCOM: Enemy Unknown

In the digital distribution service Steam appeared the Linux version of the famous strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Full game price – 599 rubles, but to 21:00 June 20 to buy Enemy Unknown can be had for 149 rubles.

The first version of XCOM appeared on 9 October 2012, official release in Russia took place three days later, on October 12. The game’s developer is the company Firaxis Games and publisher 2k Games. From the technical point of view the game is a remake of XCOM: UFO Defense, released in 1993.

As the game engine the developer used the Unreal Engine 3. XCOM: Enemy Unknown to play alone or with your friends.

The plot of the game XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Action game XCOM: Enemy Unknown takes place in 2015. The Earth was invaded by aliens and began to conquer territories and enslavement of the population. The “other” opposed to secret supranational organization XCOM, on behalf of the commander which you have to play. At the disposal of the commander of XCOM, the most advanced technology and development of all mankind. Laboratories organizations employ thousands of military and scientists to test new weapons. Will it be possible to defeat the enemy, with more advanced technology than the Terrans? It all depends on your strategic skills and tactical skills.

Strategy and tactics of the player in XCOM: Enemy Unknown

A strategic framework XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the Central base of the organization which carried out the General management of the resistance of earthlings, are the interceptors destroy the UFO saucer, is overseeing the actions of the invaders, etc.

XCOM base is presented to the player as “ant farm” in the shape of a slice of soil. Thus, you will be able to look at the room side. How exactly do you place your base, depend on the additional benefits from the beginning of the game. So you can get a discount on the construction and maintenance of workshops and laboratories, direct financial “infusion” of additional methods to study aliens in a laboratory, and more.

From a tactical point of view you have three dimensional combat with all the classic elements: a line of sight of enemies, reaction of soldiers to the enemy, destructible environments.

Installing XCOM: Enemy Unknown in Ubuntu

The first thing you will have to put the program Steam. How to do it written here. Further, in the Steam client, find and buy a game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, after which it will start downloading and installing automatically. Upon completion you will be able to enjoy the game.


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