Caesar 3 in Linux

Caesar — a popular Ekonomicheskaya strategy of the late 90’s early 2000’s. unfortunately “natural” Caesar under Linux and even free yet, but this wonderful game is quite possible to play using WINE.

In the game Caesar 3 you will manage the development of the Roman city, creating places for living, leisure and work of citizens, thereby increasing its population and wealth. Think there are few fan of computer games are not familiar or at least heard about this game.

Caesar 3 — Main menu

You start with an empty field and a single road and start to erect buildings for places of dwellings, adding prefectural and engineering structures to protect residents and to hire workers. Then gradually add all new and new buildings for the production of food, construction of larger dwellings, trade and profit the glory of the gods and Emperor!

Caesar 3 — A Game

The game is not free, the Internet licensed version can be purchased for 300-500r. If you decided to turn to the torrents that is on your conscience 😉

Installation of games Caesar 3 under WINE

You must already have installed the latest version of wine (how to install the latest version of wine). First I copied the CD contents in one folder, then paste it each time. Next install the game the usual way by running setup.exe from the root folder into which you copied the contents of the CD. This can be done either by double-clicking from the Windows of the Nautilus or in the terminal go into the folder and run the command:

wine setup.exe

You will see the standard setup screen as in Windows. Answer all questions by default.

If you try to launch from the Nautilus file setup.exe you will get errors like this:

There is no attribute at the start of the program

You must set the attribute (exec bit) in the file properties. To do this, right click on the file and then choose the menu item “Properties” . Then on the “permissions” tab select the checkbox next to “Allow executing file as program”

Set attribute to start the program

After installation the program will appear in menu “ApplicationsWinePrograms”. Now you need to mount the folder containing the files from the CD-ROM game as a virtual CD-ROM for Wine. To do this, run configure Wine (ApplicationsWineconfigure WINE) and navigate to the Disks tab. Click browse and select the folder with the contents of the CD-ROM of the game Caesar 3. Then click “Show advanced settings” and specify the CD-ROM. Then click “Add”

Emulation CD-ROM in Wine

Possible problems running Caesar 3 in Wine

  • When you first start a black screen or the inscription about loading sounds, and the audible sound of the starting spots. The problem in the wrong resolution. Press F9 to expose the necessary permission, if it is not fix in the game settings. Subsequent launches will take place correctly, provided that you properly close the game (via OSD) menu.
  • On multi-monitor configuration I have the game not want to run in full screen, the solution is found using the wine configuration and installation of virtual desktop size of 1024×768. This is done using the utility “configure Wine” which is in menu “ApplicationsWine” on the Chart. Select the checkbox “Emulate a virtual desktop” and set desktop size to 1024 by 768 as shown in the figure below:

    Configuration Wine for Cesar III

    That’s all for now. Nice game Caesar!

    UPD: it is also useful to pre – configure wine

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