The Dark Mod

The Dark Mod — free game, open source, inspired by the game Thief. You act as a professional thief and must perform various tasks.

The background

The first release of the game The Dark Mod was released in 2009. The original game was a mod for Doom 3 and required the presence of the game Doom 3.

In October 2013 released version 2.0, which became independent from Doom 3, but uses the engine id Tech 3. idTech 3 (also known as Doom 3 Engine) is game engine open source, developed by id Software for Doom 3.

A number of major gaming publications did reviews of The Dark Mod. The game received good grades. In 2013, The Dark Mod was awarded “game of the year” from PC Gamer UK.

Distribution and composition

The game is free and is open source. Versions are available for Windows and Linux. There is also the possibility to run the game in MacOS.

In the basic version of The Dark Mod is available 2 training mission that will help you to understand all the aspects of the game.

Additional missions, which are many, can be freely downloaded directly from the game. There are more than 100 different missions. You can see a list of missions, screenshots and their description on the website of the game.

Each mission is a separate map with its design, objects, characters and plot. All the missions made in the same style.


Gameplay takes place in a fictional world. The levels are in a Gothic steampunk style. Cross the Victorian era and the late middle ages, addresses the stage of the industrial revolution.

Stylistically, the levels are similar to levels of the original game Thief and in General the game remains the old atmosphere (who played the Thief, he will understand). It should be understood that The Dark Mod is absolutely independent game, which is neither a continuation nor a fork Thief.

You play as a clever thief who must perform various tasks. We must act discreetly and quietly as possible.

As available tools are used for various items. You can interact with the level objects.

You can walk, run, crawl, Crouch, climb, swing on the ropes. The player must avoid guards and other creatures. The faster you move, the more noise created, and it attracts guards.

The player is available to all kinds of arrows, flash bombs, mines, keys, lock picks, maps, flashlight, telescope, potions and more. Also available a sword and a club.

In each mission you need to perform a certain task or a set of tasks. Jobs can be simple, and can be complex. For example, to find a path from point a to point B, not allowing yourself to discover; to find and steal an object; find the object that contains the necessary information for passing and so on.


Based on The Dark Mod is the engine from Doom 3, so of course, the graphics are already outdated. But the impression of the game it does not spoil.

In the settings you can choose the resolution of the game, adjust the brightness and gamma, turn on vertical sync, set the degree of antialiasing and anisotropic filtering.

In The Dark Mod beautiful texture, lighting effects, shadows, fog and other visual effects. All of this creates a great atmosphere.

How to download. Setting The Dark Mod

Let’s consider how to install The Dark Mod on Linux. Developers offer auto-installer TDM Updater that performs all by yourself. Through him, the same can then automatically update the game. I installed the game in Ubuntu Linux using TDM Updater.

  • Create in your home directory darkmod directory.
  • Download the TDM Updater (.zip) and extract the files in the darkmod directory.
  • Open a terminal and navigate to the folder darkmod. To do this, you can use the cd command:
    cd darkmod
  • Make file tdm_update.linux executable. To do this, run the command:
    chmod +x tdm_update.linux
  • Start the TDM Updater by file tdm_update.linux:
  • This will start the setup and starts downloading the game itself. The process is long, as the game is around 3Gb and the download speed is low.
  • After the installation is complete, you can start it manually.
    To launch a version under x86:


    To run the x64 version, run:


    If suddenly these files are not available to run, you need to make it executable, to do this, run the command:

    chmod +x thedarkmod.x86
    chmod +x thedarkmod.x64
  • To install The Dark Mod on Windows is performed through the TDM Updater (.exe). In MacOS you can run the game using PlayOnMac.

    How to download and install the mission

    Additional missions can be downloaded directly inside the game. To do this in the main menu, select New mission. Next, click Download mission. Select a mission from the list and click Add to download. And finally Start the download.

    To start a new mission, open the list of available missions. Select a mission and in the opened window information about the mission click mission. Then, in the upper left corner of the page of available missions will be a new mission and Start the mission.

    How to Russify game

    The Dark Mod supports Russian language, you can select it in the settings through the menu Settings→Video→Language. Translated all menu, games, and informational messages.

    Unfortunately, descriptions of missions on the Russian language is not translated.

    How to set a custom screen resolution

    In the settings there are several available preset screen resolutions. To set a custom resolution, it is first necessary to register in a configuration file.

    In the game folder, open the file Darkmod.cfg and locate the line:

    seta r_customHeight "1080"
    seta r_customWidth "1920"

    Enter the desired dimensions in pixels. I set 1920×1080.

    Start the game and in the settings Video install Custom (non-standard). Restart the game.

    Game site (free download):The Dark Mod
    The game is cross-platform and works in:

    • Windows
    • Linux

    Screenshots of the game

    • (version: 2.06)

    • (version: 2.06)

    • (version: 2.06)

    • (version: 2.06)

    • Main menu of the game (version: 2.06)


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