Do you still use an alternative download to play on Windows?

Making a list of a few(emphasize “few”) stories associated with the games on Linux that brings to mind a very common phrase in the past.

It is even surprising. A year or two ago, this phrase was immediately after the phrase “Games on Linux”. On forums, blogs and social networks very often uttered this phrase.
By the way, maybe you have had this experience.

So what is it?

I have two systems…but Windows only for games – All gamers Linux, 2011

Modest success

Today, thanks to the efforts of the Humble Bundle and Steam for Linux, the need for Windows as an alternative decreased significantly, and even the performance
performance graphics cards on Linux incomparably increased.

A high-end gaming new items come out immediately with support for Linux, but game companies continue to work on porting its most popular products to Linux.

So significant changes have occurred over a short period of time. But, despite these changes, the habits of users remain unchanged.
How many gamers were forced to use Windows as an alternative system for games, and how much just for the habit?

If only there was a way to find out…


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