Analog Alien Arena Quake Arena and Unreal tournament

Probably every fan of computer games familiar with this genre of online shooter and probably all ever seen or played games like Quake Arena or Unreal Tournament. I present to you the free, outdoor analog under Linux and not only — Alien Arena.

In the game Alien Arena, as the ethos it must be said from the title, you fight in the arena. A sort of futuristic gladiators armed with a fantastic weapon fighting victory. The very same arena can represent both a medieval castle and space base, for example, or some kind of desert plateau in a strange planet. The gameplay is deathmatch all proiv bare all. The winner is the one who will shoot more kills!

To play the game alone against the computer or online with friends, which is fun. On a network you can play alone by creating a server and using the server on the Internet.

The weapons in the game, as I said fantastic. This quaint shotguns and something like a Gatling gun and laser cannon and all sorts of guns firing some kind of green muck. There were certainly no Bazooka. All the weapons scattered around the map along with ammunition and various “improvers”, super armor, etc. one said it was like the old Unreal and Quake!


Alien Arena is easily installed from the repository via Ubuntu Software Center (app Center) or with the command:

sudo apt-get install alien-arena

The game was made based on the Quake engine released by id Software under an open GPL license. Since 2004 the game has come a long way and still the team never stops and makes new releases, making the game better and better!

There are versions both under Linux and under MacOS or Windows. So you will be able to play with your friends that haven’t switched to Linux in General and Ubuntu in particular 🙂

Download all on the official website of the game:


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