Russification Firefox in Ubuntu

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers and also it comes by default with many distributions including Ubuntu. Sometimes, after installing the distribution, the browser works only in the English language.

In this small article we will consider the localization of Firefox in Ubuntu 18.04 several ways.

How to localize Firefox in Ubuntu

The easiest way to localize Firefox is to use the language pack from the official repositories. During system installation it should be installed by default, but it is not always the case. You can install it manually:

sudo apt install firefox-locale-EN

After installing restart the browser and it will already be in the Russian language:

If this method doesn’t work, you can try another one. Open a browser to this page and install the extension. Click add to Firefox:

Then restart your browser again. After the restart it will be in Russian. You can also change the language of Firefox manually. To do this, open Settings -> Basic -> Language. Here you can select Russian language if it has been installed.

If in the official store extensions, there is no language pack available for your version, you can download it on this site. First, we need to know your version of Firefox. To do this, click help -> About Firefox:

Then find the desired version and click on the link Russification in front of her:

After that, the browser will try to install the add-on, click Allow:

Then confirm the installation. Then there will be only restart the browser. As you can see, Russification is very simple and if one way doesn’t work you can try another.


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