TeeWorlds — network 2D shooter

TeeWorlds is a mixture of 2D platformer and shooter with funny cartoon graphics.

You play a funny round creatures armed with various weapons that are scattered here and there on the cards. In the game there are 2 types of maps: deathmatch (dm) — round kill everything that moves and capture the flag (ctf) capture the flag — in this game you are already playing for one of the two commands.

Game control is very simple. Keys you control the movement of the character in 2D space, space jump (double spacebar double jump), but pointing and shooting is carried out with the mouse. Right-click ejected the hook, with which one clinging to walls and ceilings like Spiderman.

The game was originally conceived as a network. You can play through the Internet on many free servers and set the game server in the local network and play with colleagues and friends at work or at home.

The game client is cross-platform and is available for operating systems Windows, Linux and MacOS X. So your friends who haven’t upgraded to linux will not be deprived 😉 you can Download the game from the site https://www.teeworlds.com/

In Ubuntu, the game can be installed from standard repository using the application specifying the search teeworlds, or execute in a terminal window the following command:

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install teeworlds

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