World of Padman — comic-shooter

World of padman is shooter similar in gameplay to quake 3 and written in his own engine. A distinctive feature of this game is comic book-like graphics and a “toy” environment.

Weapons in World of Padman

In the game, just like Quake Arena you have to fight with rivals in a limited space using a variety of funny weapons and various modifiers. Among the modifiers come across such, which can increase the jumping ability or speed of the character, make it invisible, or invulnerable.

Card in World of Padman

It is worth noting colorful graphics and locations. The cards look childish fun and often represent children’s playgrounds. The characters essentially are the animated toys in the world people. All this, coupled with the same toy guns delivers a lot of positives during the game.

Play World of Padman can and should network with friends, there are clients under Linux and under Windows. You can fight by running your own game server or connecting to one of many servers World of Padman on the Internet.

Download client on the official website

To install the game on Linux available for free through Desura.


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