Enso OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Xfce, and Elementary OS

From what I’ve seen, Enso OS is a unique Linux distribution among others, as it is a mixture of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Xfce, and Elementary OS.

This bizarre combination gives the system in its pure form is a distinct uniqueness; normal Ubuntu and its derivatives far from it!

Linux Enso OS is elegant and simple

Enso 0.3.1 “Dancing Daisy” is the latest release of a distribution based on Ubuntu LTS 18.04.2 (in particular Xubuntu).

The system of “clean and simple” to use, and it is “eco-friendly”, i.e. supports computers that MacOS and Windows can already be considered “outdated”.

Enso OS is built on Xubuntu LTS and Xfce.x desktop, but comes with a set of additional features, including a custom theme, special applets and a list of useful apps.

A unique combination of

The Enso launcher application called Panther. It is a derivative of Slingshot used in Elementary OS. From Panther has sidebar categories to view applications by type and search field to search for applications by name. It is also possible to execute commands which is very useful.

The bottom panel presents the (wonderful) app dock Plank, while the top panel is a common panel Xfce (with Xfce panel applets, including the global menu).

To search for and install software comes with Enso AppCenter from Elementary OS, renamed to “App Hive”. It is not clear whether it can be used to install applications built specifically for Elementary OS (I think not), but the App Hive can be used to find like browser to install applications from the repository.

Why don’t the GNOME Software? Most likely because of its severity.

“AppCenter – this is a great, fairly easy center application, which allows you to easily browse and install applications, “reports Enso.

Unique is that Enso also uses the window Manager Gala, also borrowed from the Elementary OS.

Being derived from Mutter, Gala offers a very smooth animation Windows, works on simple hardware, and has some stunning gestures, for example, the application switcher.

Finally, the login screen and lock feature is incredibly beautiful Pantheon Greeter.

Where to download Enso 0.3.1

Want to try Enso? I am sure that Yes.

You can download Enso 0.3.1 from the project page on Sourceforge or just click on the appropriate link below.

Download Enso 0.3.1 (64 bit .iso)

You can also learn about the applications (and errors) on the page in GitHub.

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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