Warsow – massacre via the Web

Warsow is a three – dimensional first-person shooter, which was created by the development team of the game engine QFusion. Despite the fact that this game is open source and all rights to its use, modification or reproduction belong to the development team. The first version of “Warsaw” appeared on the official website on 8 June 2005. In 2012 he published the final version, as from 18 September Warsow can be downloaded via the Steam client.

Abbreviation Warsow once the game meant “Fighters Alternate Reality – the Massacre through the Web. However, the author of the project changed the name to what Warsow is Art of Respect and sportsmanship Through the Web.

At the moment, playing “Warsaw” can users three operating systems – Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Game description

The concept of the game It took a little bit from such masterpieces as Unreal Tournament, and Challenge Promode Quake World. “Warsaw” is not exactly intended for too impatient: the path from beginner to Pro is long and thorny, and pass it on forces not to everyone. As for the gameplay, it is very fast, and in General, It can be called one of the “smart” FPS.

Through the use of cateringa all the objects and characters look bright and colorful. Graphics used in the game engine has undergone several successive improvements from version to version. This process went even faster after joining the team of developers of the engine. In “Warsaw” very clever bots to defeat them, you will need to use all his skill and dexterity. The use of modern network code ensures that the game will not “slow down” on the server side and client side comfortable and predictable.

The movement in Warsow

In Warsow gameplay uses tricks and secret moves of the Quake, such as “Double jump”, “Jump in a circle”, etc. however, “Warsaw” is purely their “signature” movement. This “wall Jump” (Wall Jump), and Charge (Dash), and “Double jump dash” (Double Dash Jump), and other types of movements.

The weapons in Warsow

Before the release of Warsow 1.0 weapon in the game could be as “strong” and “weak” cartridges. Initially, the machine guns and shotguns were charged weak ammo, but strong ammo given to each player after he will pick up the ammo on the map.

Game modes

The developers of “Warsaw” has provided more than 11 different game modes. So, in Duel mode frags rivals are gaining points for destroying enemies. In this mode, “all about all” is given 10 minutes.

Analogue solochek is FreezTag mode. Here players need to kill, and freeze. The main goal is to freeze the entire opposing team.

To install Warsow in Ubuntu

The package with the latest version of the game you can download on the official website http://www.warsow.net/download there you can find versions for Windows and MacOS. For Ubuntu you need to download the deb package and install the regular way (manual installation of. deb packages).


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