Vegastrike: a space battle in 3D

Space simulator Vega Strike is a vivid example of how popular a game can become, not originally intended for sale. For anybody not a secret that most games are created for Windows and in this market, “cool” very serious money. However, there were enthusiastic programmer, who went against the accepted norms and rules, he decided to make himself a mega-masterpiece. It took several years to his project involved all new and new people. Today the community Vegastrike – thousands of interested developers in the world.

Vegastrike: become a pirate or a policeman

The Vegastrike developers offer you to go on a long space journey, full of unknown mysteries and dangers. In this way you will communicate with representatives of other civilizations, to participate in pirate raids, or Vice versa, to resist them, being a member of the space police.

At your disposal will be a real spaceship, which you will “surf the Universe”. No doubt, for beginners of the game will make a big impression rigging of the ship: powerful weapons, computer technology, advanced navigation devices, allowing you to easily pave the road among the distant stars and planets.

The economic component of the game

Space simulator Vegastrike has the elements of economic strategy. Profit can be obtained not only through trade but also by participating in battles and exploring the world around you. Having accumulated enough funds, you can buy new, more powerful ship and go to even more distant and risky expedition. Throughout the game world Vegastrike there is only one currency, the markets are almost completely open. Thus, trade is possible with all, at any point in the game Universe.

With different factions, you have different relationships. So, if you destroy ships of a faction, then the relationship will, of course, the enemy. Conversely, fighting with the enemy faction, you can count on its support.

Buy and sell goods, complete missions and interact with interesting people in bars on different planets and space stations.

Vegastrike installation in Ubuntu

For installation it is necessary to connect the repository. Instructions for connecting the repository can be found here: . Scroll down the page to a string a set of commands for your distribution and run them in the terminal window. For example, for Ubuntu 12.04, this command set as follows:

sudo sh-c "echo 'deb /' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vegastrike-data.list" sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install vegastrike-data

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