America’s Army 3: PC game from the U.S. Department of defense

It is known that service in the us army is not compulsory. To attract into the ranks of new recruits as more young people, the Ministry of defense came up with enough cunning propaganda move, consisting in distributing free computer game in the genre of action among the “younger generation”. After downloading the game and creating an account, you are not obliged to conclude any contract with the Yankees, but to tolerate the promotion still have.

And conditions of service in a “foreign” army Russian ordinary user, to put it mildly, is not interesting. By reading this article, you are probably asking: “how interesting will be the game itself?”. The creators of America’s Army 3 tried to make a classy product and they got it.

In some places, the third part of the “American army” you can put a solid “five plus”. Compared with the second part, the game has many new features. For example, the developers have changed the “engine” — now it’s Unreal Engine 3.

Feature of America’s Army 3 is that it is more for the game team, not for individuals. Alone in the harsh world of army games to survive quite difficult: one bullet in the head and your character is already dead. There are no health kits or health, which can after some time to recover.

The pros and cons of America’s Army 3

In the game there are 5 cards, each of which looks very realistic. Worthy of special praise the realism of the weapons like in a real fight, it can refuse the most inopportune moment, and until you bring him back to normal, you can kill at least 10-15 times. However, the graphics in the game are not perfect – it is, first and foremost, for characters that don’t look too natural. As far as the animation of the deaths, then it is possible to draw a parallel with the games that were popular 10 years or so ago.

There is a “Us army” are the discrepancies can be attributed to the fault of the developers or a deliberate propaganda move. So, your enemy you can kill with one bullet, but if you happen to be in an ally caught in the line of fire, he will get off easy fright.

The soundtrack of the game is very please you. We are talking about the sound of gunfire and flying bullets, exactly as in the real battle.

Thus, if you want to feel what it’s like to serve in the us army, download this game and install it on your computer.

Have a nice game!


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