Valve unveiled an update to Team Fortress 2

Recently, the company-developer of the Valve presented to the public updates of Love & War (“Love and war”) for the game Team Fortress 2. On the YouTube channel of the game also appeared in the animated film Expiration Date, clearly illustrate this update.

At the time of writing this news players Team Fortress 2 available the first part of updates: 7 new achievements, emotions, dance and more. The second part of the update should bring new weapons and maps and an additional mode.

In addition, the game has a rather mysterious object – bread. The teleport engineer each time there are different breads: Russian rye bread, French loaf or Scottish. What hints bread?

The answer just lies in a 15 minute video Expiration Date (“expiration date”). In this cartoon, Team Fortress 2, the way it like most players – funny, cynical and a bit absurd. Engineer and medic during the experiments with the bakery you know that the whole team will die soon, because very often uses teleport. “Shelf life” of each person coming to an end – it is only 3 days to be able to finish my business and get ready for the transition to the other world. Scout worries that he will die, and his dream will remain unfulfilled. For help he turns to the spy.

Cartoon, released by Valve, it’s not just advertising, but a brief guide to the game for those who never heard of Team Fortress. The roller can watch and old fans of the game. And enjoy really has something here, for glimpses of not only weapons and hats, soldiers all the same tyrant as before, a spy and a scout in good bullied each other, and the medic is that he’s an evil genius. Game storyline, the cartoon remotely linked, but viewing the video, players will know whom they will face this Halloween. So view the video to the end, don’t be lazy.

Recall that the first version of Team Fortress was released in the fall of 2007. In the month of June 2010 to enjoy the game are Mac OS users and in November 2012 those who prefer to use Linux. According to statistics, in Team Fortress on Steam at the same time playing about 60 thousand people.


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