Ulauncher — lightweight Python / GTK / WebKit (WebKitGTK) visual launcher, multifunction replace dialog run application (Alt+F2 / Run Application dialog).

Launcher / Launcher (English: Launch) — a specialized application designed to quickly launch other applications, processes, files, or directories.

Ulauncher is very simple to use and has minimum settings, after starting integrates in the notification area (system tray), supports the change skins Windows startup (there are four themes).

Ulauncher allows you to perform various actions in the invoked window (specified keyboard combination), it is enough to type a few characters and receive a list of “similar” applications, start a web search in browser “default“to open a directory on a file system, use the utility like a calculator and more.

Ulauncher comes with three search engines (Google, Wikipedia, and Stack Overflow), but you can easily add your own (e.g. DuckDuckGo), from a GUI dialog or in a config file (~/.config/ulauncher/shortcuts.json).

Optional Ulauncher can remember the previously opened applications and directories, the next search is automatically at these results first. Thanks to the “fuzzy search“, the user need not write the exact name of the app/directory, and select them from the list of proposed options.

Ulauncher is very fast and responsive, displays a search result almost instantly, consumes minimal system resources, can work in any work environment and/or window Manager, those settings are saved in the configuration file (~/.config/ulauncher/settings.json).

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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