Urban Terror for Ubuntu

Quality shooter Urban Terror (Urban Terror) with three-dimensional graphics under Linux has gained millions of fans worldwide.

The game was awarded the title of best fashion in 2007. All the gameplay, tactics and created an atmosphere reminiscent of the least-known game Counter Strike, but differences do exist. Urban Terror consists of seven modes, with a variety of weapons and equipment. The game is characterized by a large selection of cards that are different surfaces and urbanization.

The undeniable advantage of the game is its multiplayer. To connect to the server, it is sufficient to use the option of Online Play (the main menu) and select the desired server from the list. It should be noted that when connecting to a specific server, where fierce fighting on the map that is not available in the player’s Arsenal, it will be downloaded and installed automatically.

A high level of realism of the events and high speed games daily increases the number of its users. Each weapon has its own characteristics: different levels of impact and accuracy of fire, the need for periodic recharging, continuous availability (no need to buy).

Damage system is divided into zones, i.e. damage to a player, begin to bleed of the wound and consequently reducing the level of health that is restored by using first aid kits. The acrobatic abilities of the protagonist will be pleasantly surprised: he easily repelled from the walls, able to accelerate and jump impressive distances. Healed wounds on the legs will slow down and will not allow you to make jumps.

In case of lack of ammunition in weapons (including knives) to defeat the enemy will be in melee. It can also be a leg kick or jump on him. However, one kick will take away a fifth of health. To fall from a great height on the head of an opponent will lead to his death, and the player will receive a well-deserved victory.

To install Urban Terror on Linux

Urban Terror is distributed completely free, but the license forbids modification and sales. The game does not require installation. First of all, you need to download from the official site http://www.urbanterror.info/downloads/ zip archive and unzip it. Next, set the permissions to run the file ioUrbanTerror.i386 and execute it with appropriate command


To establish rights to run (read more about right to start), you should run the command in the terminal:

chmod +x ioUrbanTerror.i386

After that, you can enjoy fun and exciting gameplay.


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