LBreakout2 – a breakout like game for Ubuntu

One of the most wonderful toys for Linux LBreakout is a breakout game. The game is coustillas, and this means that you can play it in different places.

The purpose of LBreakout – destroy all the bricks on the playing field. For this you need to throw in the bricks of the ball and aim with the joystick. The lesson, of course, simple, but believe me it is very strong. However, if the game had no additional enhancing characteristics, it would not be interesting.

So, in addition to the main ball and joystick, there are additional tools, then you need to earn points, without much squandering their lives. Player can gain or increase the bonus floors.

And that’s just part of the game settings: bricks can grow and “reincarnate” after they are “destroyed”.

In the Network there is a “portable” version of the game, allowing you to save it on an external hard drive, flash drive or even burn to CD or DVD. The number of levels to complete in LBreakout exceeds 50. Each of the levels contains a large number of bonuses (e.g., bonus magnet, blasting balls, the Joker, Golden rain). Within the breakout has its own system of penalties – a penalty magnet, infectious balls, darkness, chaos, etc.

It may well be that at some point in-game features, you will have little. In this case, create your own levels using the built-in editor.

In “standard” mode, the player competes with the computer. In “experimental” mode, have the opportunity to fight with his friend “on the grid”. Thus, the arcade definitely will not get bored.

Install LBreakout2 Ubuntu

The game is present in the standard repositories of Ubuntu. In app Center you need to look at the name of the package lbreakout2 or execute in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install lbreakout2

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