The different editions of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS available for download

Along with the release of the main version of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, the network has been added to the images of various other releases from the Ubuntu family, which, nevertheless, are based on the new version.

More precisely, it is available for download: Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE Budgie.

In this article we will review the key characteristics of each of the releases, and will briefly try to outline the major changes compared to previous versions.

It is worth noting that among all issues, in case for some reason you don’t like the main version with Gnome Shell, you will definitely be able to find a distro is a good choice.

18.04 LTS Kubuntu

Support period: 3 years
Ideal for: anyone who cares about the appearance and functionality of the operating system

Kubuntu 18.04 – one of the most beautiful Linux distros, and for good reason. This release uses a KDE (Plasma 5.12 LTS) as the graphical desktop by default. You’ve probably heard that this is one of the most attractive and versatile graphical environments.

If you’ve never used KDE, you should definitely look at this issue. Plasma 5.12 LTS brings the whole system to a new level of sophistication and versatility. The system is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is convenient to use, beginners can quickly understand and intuitive interface.

The main functions of Kubuntu 18.04 include:

  • Plasma Vault – secure encryption folders
  • Latte Dock is now available in the archives
  • KDE Connect is pre-installed by default
  • VLC – the video player by default
  • Double click to open folders/files

To download image of Kubuntu 18.04, you can by clicking this link.

Xubuntu LTS 18.04

Support period: 3 years
Ideal for: those who appreciate the speed and minimalism

Xubuntu is a reliable and fast distribution. Perfect for use on home PCs. Many users give it a special place because of its performance and minimalist, and at the same time, beautiful interface.

The shell itself, unfortunately, has not been updated in several years, so the distribution mainly focuses on the software update. Due to the fact that not every application will fit into this working environment, the developers of the distribution, often using software from Ubuntu Mate.

  • Atril Document Viewer (Evince replaces)
  • Engrampa Archive Manager (File Roller replaces)
  • MATE Calculator (replaces Calculator)

Not without changes of appearance: Greybird GTK was updated, having improved support for HiDPI.

Also, it is worth noting that Xubuntu 18.04 now comes with a new plugin Xfce PulseAudio. A new applet has a wider range of functions and features, in comparison with the old version, of course.

For example, it adds controls to the player to compatible media players (such as Spotify) and allows you to quickly choose the devices to input and output audio.

Laptop users will appreciate improved utility XFCE Power Manager. Now you can use it will display the percentage of battery remaining or even the device operating time from the battery.

Features Xubuntu 18.04:

  • Updated theme
  • New panel applets, including audio, status and notification applets
  • Updated apps from Mate
  • The updated software
  • Added PulseAudio module Bluetooth

Download Xubuntu 18.04 here.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Budgie

Support period: 3 years
Ideal for: those who like the GUI.

This release has been added to the Ubuntu family recently. Hitherto a team of enthusiasts tried to make this release something really cool. The main audience had become fans of Solus, who wouldn’t want to move on to another batch architecture. In principle, we can say that it happened. The Ubuntu Budgie is perfect for those who would like to use Solus, but at the same time to use a batch base Debian (Ubuntu).

Download Ubuntu Budgie here.

Ubuntu Studio 18.04

Support period: 9 months
Ideal for: artists (musicians, designers, etc.)

Unlike other distributions from the Ubuntu family, this issue will not be LTS (support for 9 months).

Despite this shortcoming, the distribution was included the package the updated software. Was updated with the latest version of digital audio workstations and Ardor by qtractor (DAW), new version 3D Powerhouse Blender and the latest version of GIMP for working with images.

It should be noted that Desktop wise Ubuntu Studio 18.04 using the same version of XFCE that Xubuntu 18.04.

You can try the new version of Ubuntu Studio 18.04, downloading the image here.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Kylin

Support period: 3 years
Ideal for: users from China and those who like bandopadhay interface.

Despite the fact that Ubuntu Kylin 18.04 intended for the Chinese audience, it may be relevant to users from other countries and parts of the world.

This is the first release with long term support, which is used UKUI as a graphical shell. It was develops as an alternative to Unity and is based on a graphical environment Mate.

Along with the new graphical environment in the distribution comes a set of new applications, including a new video player on the basis of MPV and MPlayer, office Suite WPS and Wendu Foxit Reader.

Features In Ubuntu Kylin 18.04:

  • Desk UKUI default
  • New app for video playback
  • Updated Chinese tools and utilities
  • New Wallpaper

The image can be downloaded on this page.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS MATE

Support period: 3 years
Ideal for: those who believe that GNOME 2 is the best GUI of all time

Finally is the turn to Ubuntu MATE – one of the greatest Linux distributions from the Ubuntu family. Can be very long to tell about all the chips and the innovations of this work of art, but it is better to fit it all in one sentence: the distribution of people and for the people. It is made with great love and respect for the user. We can safely say that many things there were left to chance (which is, unfortunately, not everyone is able to achieve).

MATE Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is built on the basis of the latest version of the MATE Desktop 1.20. It brings more new and improves desktop environment. From all this we can highlight:

  • HiDPI support (including dynamic detection and scaling)
  • Bezel Windows
  • Hardware acceleration in window Manager Marco (where supported)
  • Emoji Support

Also, from the innovations you want to mention:

  • New applet menu based on menu Brisk
  • Improved file Manager Caja
  • A variety of variations, layouts desktop, including Unity of style
  • Improved tool Tweak MATE, including HiDPI settings
  • Improved buffer
  • And more

Download the package here.


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