Ubuntu 15.10 will drop scroll bars in Unity

Pop up scroll bars Unity was carved from Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf, before Oct.

Unity casts its own pop-up scroll bars and making the choice in favor of the increasingly popular strips of the GNOME spins presented in GNOME 3.16.


Desktop Manager Will Cooke will reduce “efforts to maintain technical condition,” Canonical engineers will be able to spend less time on patches, bug fixes and integration of scrollbars in the new version of GNOME.

And this saved time you can devote to other, more interesting areas of employment, such as Unity 8.

Scroll bars Unity: a brief history

For the first time the scrollbar was introduced in Ubuntu 11.10 with the goal of “increasing the actual volume of pages and reduce useless space”.

Unlike the window scroll bars that appear on the screen always pop-up scroll bars disappear when not needed, and only appear when the user moves the cursor to the scroll bar.

Then Ubuntu decided to improve the concept and added a slider. Now grab and move the scroll bar, it was possible to predict and easier to change its position.

In earlier versions of pop-up scrollbars from Unity was used a rounded slider with no outline. Later versions used a square runner with orange rim, was also magnified the appearance of the scroll bar.

Despite the fact that the popup scrollbar Unity – is a special feature added to the menu it was only in Ubuntu 13.04.

It is not known how users will react to the removal of scroll bars.

And you miss the pop-up scroll bars Unity in Wily Werewolf?

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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