Trine 2 for Linux

More and more manufacturers are good, colorful games turn their attention to the Linux operating system. Krasny commercial platformer Trine 2 is now available for Linux.

Trine 2: Zoe

Trine 2 is a platform game in 2 planes, but with beautiful 3d graphics, fantastic music and pretty good gameplay.

Trine 2: Zoe vs Goblin

In the game you have to play for three characters, each with their own special skills.

Trine 2 Goblin

  • Magician Amadeus — able to lift objects into the air, and create the boxes, which for example can be folded into a pile to climb a rock or jump up to the ledge.
  • Zoya the thief is a nimble character of the team, knows how to shoot a bow and using rope to cling to various platforms.
  • Warrior Pontius — the strong character of the team, armed with sword, shield and hammer. The latter is necessary to break some walls or a box, if you want them too, you can fight with or throw at enemies like a boomerang.

Trine 2: giant octopus

You can play for example three of each for your character and simultaneously use the ability of team members to complete the game, or if the number of players is less than three then you can choose during the game someone to play with. In order to complete the necessary skills of all three characters.

Trine 2: lair of spiders

The game is notable for its atmospheric, fantastic graphics and appropriate music, the gameplay is quite enjoyable and relaxing. Levels contain simple puzzles that makes the game more varied and interesting.

Trine 2: the battle with the dragon

The game is available today for almost all platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Playstation 3 and XBOX. The game is only$ 15, can be purchased on the website paying using Paypal.

Trine 2 swamp

The game can also be purchased through Steam for Linux.


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