Qt Creator

Qt Creator — a free cross-platform development environment (IDE) based on QT library and is intended for editing, compiling, and debugging code.

The emphasis is made on Qt Creator using C/C++ to develop QT applications.

The program has a complete set of functions to develop programs of any complexity.

Qt Creator is an IDE based on QT4 and is intended for editing, compiling, and debugging code. The abundance of editing features, flexible customization of the interface and hot buttons greatly facilitates the process of creating a project written in C/C++ or Python. An intelligent hint system (in the manner IntelliSense’and in MS Visual Studio, only much faster and more appropriately), the ability to compile and crosscompile project for other systems (e.g., Maemo and MeeGo) allows you to track the complete lifecycle of a project, from its inception until full release. In addition, the interface environment includes built-in help system developers and special QtAssistant QtDesigner designer that will help you quickly and without errors to make the text of the program and create the interface by means of QT4, thereby eliminating possible errors when adding items to the form.

Another important advantage of Qt Creator is its distribution under the LGPL, which allows you to create your own commercial projects without any remuneration to the producers of the environment.

PS. It should be noted that the development environment supports only the version of the QT4 libraries from version 4.2 and above. QT3 for example, to work directly with the environment will not be (though, probably, it is possible to configure, but I haven’t tried).
To install Qt Creator in Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install qtcreator
The program website (free download):Qt Creator
The program is cross-platform and works in:

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Screenshots of the program

  • Qt Creator IDE (version: 2.0.1)Screenshot taken from the official website.

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