Thomas Was Alone

You had to find a game in which the main characters were action figures like those that we observed in Tetris? And most importantly, you had empathy for them, no less than Gordon Freeman? Thomas Was Alone — a game in which the most important not graphics, but story, the process and your imagination.

Modern games, almost everything presented to us all so keen and detailed that we have long forgotten that the main part of the game — fantasy.

Thomas Was Alone is only a concept, where all the levels are composed of simple geometric shapes.

Even the characters, since they have different colors. Here you see the fourth Shader model beauty latest versions of OpenGL or mnogopoliarnym models. No, this is a sketch, everything else you have to think through themselves and help in this VoiceOver, which I will describe to you the situation, the feelings of the character, his thoughts… Yes, these enemies have their own thoughts, names, they differ in a character, in their capabilities, and have a full view of his companions.

Our main character is Thomas, a red rectangle high, the first artificial intelligence realizes its existence in this world.
Thomas eager to learn about everything and it moves forward. But the only thing he can do is to… jump. Initially this will be enough, but in order to solve the more difficult puzzles will need to refer to mates having other useful abilities. Someone has a small size and goes in all the cracks, some big enough that doesn’t sink (and it is a reason to look at all high).

But the essence of the game is not a Herculean task for which we need to wrestle or watch YouTube, the game is simple and straightforward, but it is really hard to break away from all these intrigues cubic. After all, Thomas Was Alone is not just a set of meaningless levels, all here tied to a really interesting and dramatic plot, sometimes sometimes even get attached to secondary characters and become sad when have to say goodbye, what can we say about our red rectangle.

It should be noted the excellent audio series, plunged head first into this primitive, but amazing and interesting world.

Thomas Was Alone — though it is a game and a couple of evenings, but it will leave a lasting impression and will long remain in the memory, after all, we can say that you made everything in this world.

Install Thomas Was Alone in Ubuntu

  • Install Steam in Ubuntu, enter or register.
  • Find in search of game Thomas Was Alone, despite the fact that will list only the version for Windows and Mac, download version is one of these platforms.
  • The game after the purchase should appear in the list of games with a prefix (Beta).
  • Install double-click or right-click -> Install.
  • After installation, you can launch the game from both the app center and via Steam.
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