The Book of Unwritten Tales (the Book of unwritten stories)

By the end of 2012 came out bright and exciting game The Book of Unwritten Tales done in the style of quest. Bright, emotional and memorable the main game has millions of fans around the world. But about all under the order.
This game is like a classic fairy tale full of adventure, the war with the orcs, wicked goblins, and the four main characters – four faithful friend, a man named Nate, the gnome Wilber, elf Princess Ivo, and a very mysterious monster unknown to science.

In this game you can play the role of any of the four of these characters, each of them exceptional in itself and may have unique, natural skills and abilities. This toy is not quite typical for its genre, it’s more a parody of famous movies like style theme fantasy than just a game!

Pretty decent graphics on the background of well-drawn background give a great effect of fascination. Plus lots of puzzles and unexpected turns in the plot make this game really interesting.

The game is divided into five parts.
Part 1. – Prologue
Part 2. In the city
Part 3. Temple
Part 4. Wild Lands
Part 5. Wild land (again).
In every part of the game’s plot develops so that you have to play alternately with all four heroes, each with their own unique abilities. You have to complete quests, collect artifacts, and even to brew the magic potion. To cheat, to deceive and to always try to win while not plumped into what be a history. As the game progresses you are asked to perform various tasks, performing which you as a reward, give something, without which the further passage impossible game. So often you have to think, and even “wrestle with” how to do it or pass… and it’s very exciting.

The Game is quite simple it will allow you to very quickly get used to it. Everything happens at the click of the left mouse button. Appear the icon “magnifying glass” provides an opportunity to examine the subject, “the hand” — can have it in your inventory, strange the wrench to use. As soon as one of these icons, we can either click on the left mouse button, or simply “use” on the subject with a badge than any of the accumulated inventory. Just move the cursor to the bottom of the screen, as the inventory will be. You can save the game and continue playing from the last place you stopped before.

In one word you can talk endlessly, but once the plunge in this exciting game and you then “behind the ears” will not drag on the screen until the final movie will not sing his song.

You can watch the official trailer of this game at that would assess graphics, UI and many little things about which it is impossible to write, they need to see!

Install The Book of Unwritten Tales in Ubuntu

Information about minimum requirements:
Operating system: Ubuntu 12.04 or higher;
CPU: 2.4 GHz;
RAM: 1 GB;
Video card: 128MB and support for Pixelshader 2.0 and OpenGL;
Hard drive: 6 GB.

1. Download and install Steam, is a special service prednaznachennyi to distribute many games and programs to address
2. To register on Steam under the personal account or login to your existing;
3. Enter sidce buy the game, after putting in the basket.
4. “Activate via Steam…”, read and agree to the service agreement of Steam and enter the key which you will receive immediately after payment;
5. After activating the game appear in your list and you can easily download it on Steam.
6. For the installation or download takes about 10 minutes (depending on the speed of your Internet connection).
7. Play and enjoy!



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