Repair boot loader from Boot-repair in Ubuntu

A fairly common practice among users is to install two operating systems around. Most often it is Windows and one of the distributions based on the Linux kernel. Sometimes, when such installations have problems with the work of the loader that is loading the second OS is not possible. Then it is necessary to recover on their own, changing your system settings on the right. In this article we would like to discuss restoring the GRUB using the tool Boot-Repair in Ubuntu.

Restore the GRUB bootloader using Boot-Repair in Ubuntu

Just want to note that further instructions will be given on the example boot from a LiveCD of Ubuntu. The procedure of creating such an image has its own nuances and complexity. However, the developers of the operating system is maximally described the procedure in its official documentation. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to read it, to create a LiveCD and boot from it and then move on to the manuals.

Download Ubuntu LiveCD

Step 1: Install Boot-Repair

The tool in question is not included in the standard set of OS tools, so have to install it yourself using a custom repository. All actions are performed through a standard “Terminal”.

  • Start the console in any convenient way, e.g. through menus or pressing the hot key Ctrl + Alt + T.
  • Upload the necessary system files by typing the command sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair.
  • Authenticate the account by entering the password.
  • Wait for it to complete loading all the required packages. It must have an active Internet connection.
  • Update system libraries using sudo apt-get update.
  • Start the process of installing a new file, typing a line sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair.
  • A compile of all objects will take a certain amount of time. Wait for a new line of input and do not close before that console window.
  • When the whole procedure is successful, you can safely go to run Boot-Repair and boot loader scan for errors.

    Step 2: Run Boot-Repair

    To run the utility installed you can use the icon that was added to the menu. However, do not always get to work in the graphic shell, so just enter in the terminal the boot-repair.

    Will be produced by the scanning system and recovery boot. During this don’t do anything on the computer, and do not forcibly terminate operation of the tool.

    Step 3: Fix errors found

    After finishing the analysis the program will suggest a recommended recovery option download. Usually it fixes most common problems. To run it just need to click on the appropriate button in the graphics window.

    If you have experience with Boot-Repair or read the official documentation, in the section “Advanced settings” can apply their own recovery options to ensure a perfect result.

    At the end of the restore you will see a new menu where we will see the address with the saved logs, but also displays more information with regards to the results of the fixes GRUB.

    In the case when you are not able to use LiveCD, you will need to download the program from official website and burn it to a bootable USB flash drive. When it starts, the screen immediately displays instructions and will need to run them all to solve the problem.

    Download Boot-repair-disk

    Usually with a GRUB failure occurs, the face of the users who installed Ubuntu next to Windows, so the following materials to create a bootable drive will be as useful as possible, I advise you to get acquainted with them.

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    Programs to create bootable USB drive
    Acronis True Image: create a bootable USB drive

    In most cases use simple utility Boot-Repair helps to quickly deal with setting up health boot loader Ubuntu. However, if you continue to encounter various errors, it is recommended to remember their code and description, and then refer to the documentation of Ubuntu to search for available solutions.


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