Savage XR: humans vs monsters

Play Savage XR is a unique shooter where the action takes place in real time in first person. It’s a kind of “sandwich”, where the bottom is swarming units, and on top they are managed by a wise General, thus forming an army of them.

In shooters, the tactics of battle – not the main thing, here you just have to jump, run, use combo attacks and just fooling around. The only point of contact with the slashers is success in battles, which depends on accurate and harmonious actions of the General and his subordinates.

The game is based on the confrontation between the two races of monsters and men. Monsters use magic as a weapon in their Arsenal all sorts of shields, curses, spells and fireballs. People use modern technology, these include: shotguns, crossbows, machine guns, sniper bows, electric guns, mortars, flamethrowers, and other items of progress. In the game Savage XR available siege engines, they are designed for mass attacks and storming buildings.

Play Savage XR is good because you can play as humans and monsters, the enemies have their leaders, they give the orders, order upgrades, build a base, reproduce the work for repair and construction of buildings. Commanders have the right to give orders to ground troops. The troops in turn have the right to choose and the choice to obey or refuse orders, but for the job of commander get bonuses, expressed in monetary terms and experience. All battles are held around the bases and FORTS for the capture and destruction where players earn points, money and experience.

The game will be interesting both to fans of fantasy and fans of “shooters”, “action” and strategic games. The only downside Savage XR is the inability to play against the computer. A team game, and to find a suitable opponent very difficult. So before you play, make a team of players.

Installing Savage XR

Download Savage XR from the official website — Download in the Downloads section distribution of the game. If you have a 64 bit version of Ubuntu before installing game you must install the libraries: ia32-libs lib32nss-mdns. After that you need to make the downloaded file executable and run it like a normal application. Follow the instructions on the screen.


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