Produced, Cooked and Served: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is now certified for Raspberry Pi

Some great news for users and manufacturers: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is now certified for Raspberry Pi!

Earlier this year, Canonical stepped up its support for the hugely successful single-board computer, so this news, while welcome, is not out of the ordinary!

But the company claims this move meansthat:

“…users can flash 20.04 on their Raspberry Pi, knowing that Canonical guarantees it will ‘just work’ and be able to use all the new features added since 20.04.”

This isn’t just fancy marketing talk. The certification means that all Ubuntu images are thoroughly tested – “before an update is released, we test it on every Pi in the Canonical lab,” they add-and if a critical vulnerability is discovered, Canonical commits to fixing it within one day.

This helps ensure that running Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi is as secure and stable as it is on other platforms.

Now, I should probably point out that when we talk about Ubuntu for the Raspberry Pi, we don’t mean the desktop version. While the Raspberry Pi 4 boasts desktop-level performance, the full version of Ubuntu is still too big to be used on these fancy devices.

But you can always start with Ubuntu Server.

Of course, the new Raspberry Pi Imager tool, released a few months ago, means that downloading and installing Ubuntu (as well as many other distributions) for use on Raspberry Pi hardware has become even easier.

Love certified hardware, but want something with a lot of bells and whistles? Then keep your eyes (or your other favorite touch organ) on the first laptop officially certified for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, which will be announced soon.


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