Moeditor — featured Electron (JavaScript) / GTK visual Markdown editor.

Markdown — presented in 2004 year, the lightweight markup languagecreated with the goal of writing the most readable and easy to edit text, but suitable for conversion to languages for advanced publications (HTML, Rich Text and others). Markdown is not a replacement for HTML, its syntax is limited and meets only a small subset of HTML.

Moeditor has a minimalistic user interface (you can change themes), management tools located at the bottom of the editor window, the settings include only the necessary minimum, can be set from a GUI dialog or a direct edit of the configuration file (~/.config/configstore/Moeditor.json).

Moeditor is a visual Moeditoreditor (WYSIWYG editor)when you enter the editor will automatically convert entered markup in the output pane, not only the text but also embedded content (web links, photo/images, video, audio). Panel input and output can be open together (in two pane mode) or separately (Read/Write/Preview mode).

Moeditor can run in window and full screen mode allows to use different themes for display of documents, the syntax supports Github Flavoured Markdown (GFM), allows to insert diagrams and formulas is supported by syntax highlighting (based on highlight.js).

Moeditor can operate in a focus mode (Focus mode), greatly simplifying the editing of large texts by highlighting the paragraphs and sentences are marked by the user. Supported export formats are HTML and PDF, managing editor, is done with the mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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Author: posixru


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